we do cool stuff 2
bring together the
nicest ppl in web3

we do cool stuff 2
bring together the
nicest ppl in web3

our holders are pretty badass

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Co-Founder of Stacks
Co-Founder of Stacks
CSO, Coin Shares
CEO, OKCoin Exchange
CEO, Gamma
Founders, Ladies in Bitcoin
Twitch Streamer
Stacks Foundation
GP, Stacks Ventures
Author of Snow Crash
Udi Wertheimer
Exec Director, Stacks Foundation
CTO, Hiro Systems
Chief of Staff, Trust Machines
SVP, Stacks Foundation
CEO, Slidebean
Partner, Stacks Ventures
Stacks Foundation

we like to have a good time

and build cool stuff

meet grace, creator of crash punks

Grace Ng is an entrepreneur and artist who uses emerging technologies like blockchain, brainwave sensors, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence to create art that inspires human potential.

Previously, she was a Venture Partner and founding team member of Stacks Ventures, investing in startups building DeFi, NFTs, and Web3 apps on Bitcoin.

Before that, she co-founded Lean Startup Machine, a global entrepreneurship workshop in 60+ countries. Grace has been a guest speaker at the U.S. White House and the United Nations, a guest lecturer at Princeton and UPenn Wharton, and appointed to lead Global Shapers Shanghai Hub by the World Economic Forum.

As a first-time film maker, Grace won the Oustanding Innovation Award at Catalyst Story Festival for the Crash Punks Animated Series. Her artwork has been exhibited around the world in cities including San Francisco, Singapore, Shanghai, and Beijing.